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Corporate Training - A Sincere Necessity In New-Age Business Setups

Irrespective of your business stream, number of employees in your business, and your geographical location, corporate training is necessary for any organization, to create an environment where you can enhance the employee's skills, efficiency and collectively, the productivity. Corporate Training helps in creating a better understanding of the company's fundamental target and its projection to achieve the same.

1.Impetus to Performance

According to Nielsen, the largest market research company in the world, 73.26% of employees feel they aren’t reaching their full potential due to a lack of support and development opportunities. Corporate training addresses weaknesses and helps in improving existing talents. Employees who received sufficient training see improved skills, greater competency, and increased confidence in their abilities. These employees are therefore able to perform better in their job and produce a higher standard of work which helps them in achieving the ultimate target.

2. Shoot Up in Productivity

Hosting Corporate Training for your employees will definitely cost some amount but the question is, what you are getting out of your investment in terms of return? As per Westat, another market research company with huge market experience and proven results states that globally Companies that invest in corporate training have 37% higher productivity than those that don’t. Employees who are good at their jobs are capable of competing and completing work efficiently and are likely to get more done than those who are struggling.

3. Increased Employee Retention

The whole and sole aim of Corporate Training is to boost business growth and ultimately increase the revenue. Good trainers possess this ability to synergize the entire team so that chance of existence of divergence becomes low and they are more focused towards achieving the ultimate goal. 40% of employees with poor training leave their job within the first year of employment whereas only 12% of employees who say their company has excellent training opportunities want to leave their job. The provision of corporate training has a direct impact on employee retention and can reduce the costs of recruitment to a greater height than our assumption.

4. A Positive Vision

A Positive vision is one of the most essential aspect for both business growth as well as revenue growth.  A team of experienced trainers can inculcate the very idea of taking a task as a challenge in a positive manner and work on the same with more energy, dedication, and determination.  Frequent training and upskilling of employees can encourage the circulation of new ideas, collaboration and creativity.

But, how can we find that so-called “Good Trainers”?

There is where the role of TELOS comes into play. We are a Talent Management firm and we offer customized training, coaching, consulting and assessment programs that can help you optimize your highly valued resources, i.e. your people. Our professional team will closely work with you to find and utilize the current strengths in your present talent management process. On the other hand, we will help your company in developing talents and use coaching as a tool to increase performance. With more than 100+ training already delivered in 30+ organizations in various sectors in India, TELOS has a proven team of industry experts headed by Mr. Akshay, an eminent name in the Corporate Training industry with proven records.