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We are a Talent Management firm and we offer customized training, coaching, consulting and assessment programs that can help you optimize your highly valued resources, i.e. your people. Our professional team will closely work with you to find and utilize the current strengths in your present talent management process. On the other hand we will help your company in developing talents and use coaching as a tool to increase performance.
Any business owner knows that the biggest cost of doing business is Labour. It is found that 70 % of total business cost is people. Successful organisation knows that right people are an asset for their organisation, hence it is crucial for businesses to have the best processes in place to attract, hire train and retain the best people for their organisations in a highly competitive market place.
Our trainers, coaches and consultants are highly experienced professionals with an ability to understand the business challenges of clients and help them overcome those challenges. Telos Consulting Solutions is your one stop solution for Talent Management and Talent Development.


Our business is to help our client perform in any challenging environment. We focus on creating tangible change in our client's business by helping their people perform at the highest level and unleash their true potential in 4 ways.
1. Capacity building for an organisation to help them sustain and grow their business through our consulting process.
2. Upskilling and reskilling of their human capital through our tailor made training programs and coaching solutions in the area of communication, sales, Leadership, Interpersonal Relationship, Customer Centricity, Change Management.
3. Helping to build capacity within an organisation to train and develop people.
4. Enhancing Talent Management Process within the organisation.


"We want to be the dominant market player in the industry by becoming the most valued and trusted brand globally"

Core Beliefs The core beliefs that drive our business are:

1. We believe that for any business to thrive Organisation’s need to build people within the organisation to prepare them for any challenges .This creates pressure on organizations to keep themselves as a learning organisation.
2. Business don't build people, people build business, hence they are the biggest differentiators and they want to learn and succeed.
3. If you and your people don't know in which direction your organisation must head than your leadership really doesn't matter.
4. Our people are our first customers and if we want to create wonders in our business we need to create a wonderful experience for our internal customers.