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Teamwork : A Path To Success

The importance of a person having good teamwork skills has been on demand since the start of the 21st century. Due to an increase in production demands and companies shifting towards mass production methods industries are looking for individuals with good teamwork skills to improve productivity at the workplace. But, with the term teamwork coining in minds of people there was one more skill which was superior to teamwork but related to it known as leadership. Good teamwork is impossible if the leader/boss don’t have good work ethics. A leader not working with the team was seen as a failure. Now, the entire industry was confused about whether a leader must have teamwork skills, and the answer to this was given by various top-ranked organizations in a positive approach. Industries started searching for people with good teamwork as well as leadership skills and this revolution changed the entire process of production.

Leaders with good teamwork skills have good emotional intelligence and the ability to provide a clear vision to the team. But apart from having a good leader the team must have good emotional intelligence and the ability to communicate with the least conflicts. With growing industrial production demand, industries are now looking for multidisciplinary skills and the importance of teamwork is at its peak. During the 1st industrial revolution, a person was supposed to manufacture the whole machine which took months to make one such machine. But, since the past two industrial revolutions industrial experts have added teamwork as an essential skill which forced people to work in a team, this ensured that the manufacturing of the machine which took months to complete now more than a dozen machines will be completed in a single day.

Nowadays, in every aspect of human life, the advanced skills of teamwork and leadership are needed in conjunction with effective communication skills. The five things that summarize the importance of teamwork are:

  • Motivates unity in a workspace: Teamwork promotes friendship and communication at the workplace. Individuals have a brief understanding of the other person and are well versed with talents, weaknesses, and habits. Many organizations promote team bonding sessions so that employees explore each and everyone and work effectively at the workplace.
  • Improved efficiency and productivity at the workplace: Teamwork ensures that the workload is shared among a group of individuals and is not burdened on a single person. This also ensures that the tasks are completed within the deadlines. This further ensures that individuals working in a group are more efficient and productive.
  • Great learning opportunities: Working in a team ensures that you gain more insights, learning from mistakes, avoiding future errors, and producing your best. This further ensures that you learn from more experienced colleagues and have a chance to grow in the organization.
  • Promotes work synergy: Teamwork ensures that the whole team is responsible for the outcomes produced. Cooperation and encouragement within the team are

achieved. Moreover, when team members are aware of their responsibilities and roles and the dependency on the outcome, team members will share a common goal, vision, and mission.

  • Differing perspective and feedback: This is a kind of flexibility that teamwork ensures. Diversity in thought and creativity among the team provides problem- solving approaches and opportunities. This allows individuals to brainstorm effectively. Having multiple sets of skills in a team ensures that the organization has multiple feedbacks on an idea or thought.


Some of the good teamwork skills that are formulated taking into consideration that the employee is a leader are:

  • Communication skills conflict solving
  • Listening
  • Reliability
  • Effectiveness

Mastering teamwork skills is not too hard for an individual; following some methods can help an individual to boost his/her performance in an organization as a team worker. Creativity in work and creative thinking are factors to be kept in mind while working in a team. Apart from this integrity at the workplace is a good option to ensure people start following your path. Coordination and influencing are other such things which are essential. Summing up, it’s not too hard to master these skills for an individual seeking a healthy work environment.