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Manpower assessment & optimization of Human Resources

• Establishing work flow of the processes
• Establishing manpower norms and time norms for the activities
• Roster patterns as per local laws
• Manpower projections with planned over time or otherwise
• Right sizing through optimization

Incentive schemes

• Establishing KPIs of the company
• Study of current data on production / productivity
• Discussions with the management for the enhanced production / productivity
• Developing an incentive scheme to achieve the desired improvements

Job descriptions

• Preparing job descriptions for the job and positions
• Grading the positions as per the approved grade structure in the company

Job title, salary grades and scales of pay

• Reviewing the job titles and salary grades to be in line with the industry
• Reviewing the scales of pay to match the industry in order to attract fresh talents and retention of employees
• Developing the new salary grades and scales of pay and aligning it with the positions
• Fitment of existing employees to the new gradation structure and scales of pay
• Determining the financial impact to the company

HR policies and procedures

• Reviewing the existing HR policies and procedures
• Developing amendments to be in line with industry practice and local labor laws
• Updating the procedures as per the proposed revised policies
• Approval from competent authority for the new HR policies and procedures

Right people for the right job

• Understanding the competencies required for various jobs
• Determining the existing skills and competencies of the employees
• Training needs for the employees to bridge the gap in their skills and competencies
• Assigning the right people to the right job based on their current / acquired skills and competencies one